Bayern is looking forward to the next full-rush – the gruko

An old dream of uli hoeb: straub and joschka to the power

In a good two weeks elements bayern. But no matter what and how bayern elements – there will be no other things in principle, because the once unthinkable becomes normal. That "justemilieu" around bundis 90 / the greats has opened up under the rainbow-warrior flag of global progress, now also to guarantee the eternal standstill here in the suden. In the visor: the gruko.

If in the following ofters talk about "justemilieu" is, then the author says an urban field of self-compliant, superclook, small-burial and pimped laoom preachers. In contrast to a visited cosmopolitan botany, only a very german weed in this allotment – if you put it on the essentials, it symbolizes the typical authority character for us – whose distinguished virtue is, according to marx, symbolizes up and to step down.

The most important proportion of these elite dangling is from the party of the grununen and their saturated-hypnotized clientele. But also modern elements from the churches mix here with as well as dedicated young people from these orienting arms around-spokes ngos and logo, a lot "left" within spd and left party.

This party-wide merger represents a nationwide freezer of 20% plus and forms the indestructible kitt to a world political and europe-consecrated completely consecrated and within the groko only tolerated chancellor. It is this graton warning mixture of nitro and glycerin that the country drives day for the day next direction implosion. Demart demokratic surrows the urgent consecutive change of the status quo appears only via the exclusion of the emergency or a meteor impact.

Who has your eyes in mind and sense, who had the gluck, to travel intensively in his life and thereby raise patience learned to learn to learn others and learn the reason for even more absurd behaviors, spurt on german strain every day that the more "molecular burger war" has begun. In this way, enzensberger defined the inexpressively and creeping war inside a republic, which is full of heats and has barely avoidable falls.

In front of the schwabinger cafe, where i’m just seating, there is a poster wall on which you see the green candidate katharina schulz laugh and advertise for a safe and free bavaria. The racks of the other parties are regularly overrided by night-tested uptairs or destroyed, which on the other hand does neither the cityscape nor the life-fired rarburger.

Stop! As ordered on the last printer, someone builds a message of social democrats. A man who looks like a ship swing brake on the wies’n, but our oberburgermeister is, laughing next to a laughing young woman, the ruth with first name is called. Night quarrels in the creative social-think tank led to the blast slogan: "good for munch." this will be refined on the back side by a barely imaginable fit of courage and verification galantery: "dear ruth – as black!"

Man spurt, schwabing is an artist district and actually it is – like also in kreuzberg, freiburg or tubingen – a traditional stronghold of the grunzen justemilieu. At times of straub and stoiber, one was true of the 60% of the votes. In fragile kitschidyll is brightened, babbled, mildly laughed and incredibly a lot of mobile phone.

Young mother push twice-occupied high-tech stroller with anarcho-a through the straws and her life companion wear basket full of biomarkt products and wholemeal baking tools. No, no baguette and no smoking guitanes, we are in munchen 2018 and the justemilieu staged as well as it goes as postmodern educational burger – not ahnend that it looks like the renaissance of a coarse thing. Oh yes: from the 2-3 million escape plants i have not seen only here since the end of 2015 and the police only ages here on the variety of parking penalties to be exhibited.

Under the circus dome of moral acrobats

Meanwhile, there is no serious topic in the friend’s or acquaintance group – such as truffaut movies, new stepshot apps or pro and contra of the hobbyimkeeping – which are not immediately in the escape donating debate. Whether you call this or alternatively the matter with the migration or the (not) problem of immigration or. The good or bad asylum – that defines the valimative of the word police depending on their lust and mood.

The fact is: an abstract and hallucinated afro-orientale has become the absolute coatings bar in the third year of collective neurasthenia. Long-term relationships go into fraction in rapid process. Living on the altar stick of either or or degenerate to hysterical verhale and crawler justifications. Also over schwabing lurks a gigantic guillotine and the church choir of the virtive judge sings tapsy and despair: "imagine there’s no countries… Nothing to kill or the for and no religion too. Imagine all the people living life in peace."

The good people are for limitless opening and solidarity with all persecuted on the globe. The bad ones want foreclosure and national inbreeding. They refer to the failure of integration, the cultural incompatibility of the experiment and the "fed" increase of violent criminality on the part of the transition times somehow tolerated. It’s been about 2015, in short, in the molecular mini-armageddon for love against hatred, pity against hatred, humanity against hatred, truth against hatred.

There are now so beautiful caps under the circus dome of our moral acrobats. The people there are happy to love love poems, emend themselves for months on bruderles dirndl posse or debating over the asthetics of a postmodern feminist porn. During the side of those underkuyed regions, the lovers, section companions or spouses to domestically mutate to domesticated clobes, put themselves with the feverish elans of the next love and the meltdish for the immigrant male culture.

Circumcision, greeds and successful preserved women’s disgustment, moism, forced marriage, stoneware or other cultural forms of a religious stone age madness – all these are only petites of a collateral logic for the juste femmes. Grace the poor man pointing out. Throughout the choir of the sacred priestesses, the levantic levites are read: tourist hater, eternal nazi, legal populist, bored einmann-mob, hitler in tweed.