Apple tv 4k 2021: not only the processor a12 is new

After almost four years, apple has finally updated his multimediabox apple tv on tuesday. Highlights are an accelerated soc including faster gpu cores as well as a superpendent remote control, the new siri remote. However, a lot has happened internally.

For this purpose, apple continues to donate the device designated as apple tv 4k for the first time a hdmi-2.1-fahal connection. So far, the box dominated only hdmi 2.0a. With the new port 4k-hdr video with 60 fps can be output. Code in tvos 14.5, however, suggests that even 120 hertz could be possible – apple has not yet been uplowered. In the beta of the operating system, there are also evidence of the support of the earc technology for improved audio transmission. In terms of wlan there is an upgrade to 802.11ax (wifi 6) including mimo antenna array. Wifi 6 is now ready in many new apple advisers and allows with matching routers more speed, higher ranges and less latency.

The chip is actually too old

Furthermore, the manufacturer integrates for the first time the new mesh crosslinking technology thread at apple tv – after the first use in the homepod mini. This is especially useful for homekit applications. The soc installed by apple in the new multimediabox, however, can be considered as a suspension. It is the a12 bionic processor, which celebrated its debut for the first time in the iphone xs, xs max and xr in 2018, 2019 he then came in changed variants in ipad air, ipad mini and finally 2020 in the ipad.

The 7-nm chip is much faster than the a10x fusion in the old apple tv 4k, but does not approach the current a14 (iphone 12) or m1 (ipad pro 5). Even apple’s entry-level smartphone iphone se 2020 already comes with the a13 from the iphone 11. Since apple’s apple tv box probably only overhauled in several years, an a14 had been future-proof.

Siri remote 2 also individually

The new siri remote, which is often praised before the first tests, is missing a non-unimportant feature: it does not include a uwb chip (apple u1) for finding in the room. Also, she does not seem to support apple’s in-house find my founding network, although it was offered. You can then donate the device then a private airtag. After all, praise: apple also sells the new siri remote individually. It will – like your process – cost 65 euros and is also compatible with apple tv 4k (first generation) and apple tv hd compatible. So it is not forced to spend at least 200 euros for a new box, only if you liked the new remote control.