25 Years amazon.com: an internet star lands in criticism

25 years Amazon.com: An internet star lands in criticism

It started with a single computer book, the "fluid concepts and creative analogies: computer models of the fundamental mechanisms of thought" by douglas hofstadter and its fluid analogies research group. With this book, jeffrey bezos tested in april 1995 in a kind of beta phase under computer scientists as to whether an online trade can pay with beers, if they are sold 30 percent at the price of retail price. If the computer scientists recommend the book to buy at bezos, he promised a credit of 8 percent – for the next bookman.

"Analogy and creativity", so the german title of the hofstadter book, were closely related to bezos, after completing an analysis of the sales opportunities in the exactly narrow world wide web for an investment company. The amazon was the big river in the world, amazon should become the largest handler in the world.

25 years Amazon.com: An internet star lands in criticism

To start from amazon.Com incorporated on 16. July 1995 you had just a dozen beech in stock, but was that the insistence of a megastor (175.000 bucher). In the first press release in early october it was already a million titles that the "groomed bookstore in the world on the web" allegedly. "If it’s in print, it’s in stock" prosped jeff bezos, who is very modest for himself "wall street wunderkind" written.

Skip and intellectual property

At wall street, bezos had a post as chief developer at the investment company d.E. Shaw, when he read in 1994 that the use of this world wide web was growing by 2300 percent. Bezos put on a list of 20 products that you could sell over the web. Ranked # 1 landed, just because it gave over a million title, on 2nd place to landed, because more than 300.000 music cds are currently on offer. Bezos opted for bucher and for seattle as a location as described in this birthday piece.

A jubilaum report also existed last year, which concerned a bit of the company’s company cadabra, the transaction of amazon. Meanwhile, amazon with its leaders sells far more than the 20 products that listed bebos. Bezos was crisp and dear doors to rebuild desks for his programmers because it was cheaper. However, advertising was not broken. So he paid $ 1,000 a month to stand at the pugal directory service yahoo founded in marz 1995, after it’s amazon once on the recommendation "what’s cool" brought. Money was also for "amazon associates" spent that started with the christmas business in 1995. Already in 1996 amazon 5,000 of such associates discussed on their websites bookers or just listed only with the right link on amazon and received a commission of 8 percent for that. In addition to these recommendations, it was copied with a lack of book examples or wrote them when magazines were not prasent yet.

As an important sales assistance, e-mail marketing has also been established: "customers who bought book x also bought book y". How effective the procedure was, kevin kelly described in the magazine wired in one of the first reports on the company: "amazon sells no bucher, amazon sells relationships". When amazon started and bucher ordered in the world-growing book-greats in neighboring oregon, bezos had to live with the handicap that orders were only accepted at a total order of 10 bookers. He found out that a book was listed on lichens, but was not a greatest material. So he ordered the bucher ordered by internet customers and accordingly many copies of the braiding book until the minimum order quantity was reached.

Bezos as internet star

How steve jobs did not know jeff bezos for a long time, who was his physical father. In his book of the all-seller, brad stone disbursed from the breakfast failure of a teen marriage, after the bezos’ mother jacklyn married the engineer miguel bezos, who adopted the little jeffrey as an immigrant mexican. In this fact, stone looks the scrupulousness and hard, with the bezo’s construction of the amazon empire, on a high with the by steve jobs. However, the hame should not be forgotten to meet bezos and his company. As amazon.Com in 1997 to the borse, articles appeared like "amazon.Toast" or forecasts, in how many months the book trade chain barnes noble will buy the threesome newcomer.

In 1998, jeff bezos had his first major publicity as internet star. To a speech "a bookstore with a slightly different name" he explained his manners that one is still in the "kitty hawk phase of e-commerce" be, that’s all at the beginning. At this time, amazon had already risen into the business with music cds, the internet movie database had bought and take the bookseeing telebruch in germany. One year later, in the magazine we will be published a story about the inner jeff bezos and his dream of amazon.Com, as a bezos of time to "person of the year" enamel.

(k) a reason to celebrate

In wired, he gives a prognosis, which is purchased in 2020; everything you need and can not quickly get the spati next door. A passage from the 20 year old interview lets you keep. The new seller, he describes wordy and hardly to interrupt, is the builder of a community, an approval, a crosslinker. He describes amazon.Com’s willingness to unavail also negative book reviews, as an example for how the internet allows consumers to tackle antimanipulative truths. The decentralized open information flow of the network, he continues, will inevitably use the extravagant ideas of traditional trade. For 20 years later we experience something opposite: amazon sells bucher of consorting theoretians, writes about spectrum, which are committed to each other in their book reviews. So seen there is no reason to celebrate.

Criticism amazon had to punish even because of the working conditions of employees. According to complaints about inadequate protection against coronaviruses, it had given rates. Tim bray, viceprasident and distinguished engineer at amazon web services (aws), then donated his millions job from protest. In the meantime, aws is now the division of the company, which even brings even more money than the online trading platform. This in turn ensures a conveyation of the us cartel fabrics as to whether amazon works anti-competition. Well then, all the best, mr. Bezos.