Tempolimit: adac no longer informally

It is and remains a permanent burner in the transport policy: a general speed limit on german highways. Now one of the bastions against a general speed limitation could get into serrated. Ironically, the adac is "no longer fundamental" against a speed limit, said viceprasident traffic, gerhard hillebrand, who dpa before the 58. Traffic court in goslar (29. Until 31. January 2020). One focus there: aggressivitat in the strain traffic.

Movement at the adac

For decades, the adac was known as a clear opponent of a tempolimits. Now he jerks off his strict no – a yes does not mean that either. The discussion is emotionally guided and polarize in the members, allowing hillebrand. "That’s why the adac is currently not set in the question."In a survey among members, 50 percent had voted against a speed limit and 45 percent of it. Oregistration is urgently needed. The impact of a tempolimits should be strongly clarified in a comprehensive study. "This was provided by a durable decision-making basis."

Climate protection is expected to save up to two million tonnes of co2 at an admitted highest speed of 130 hour kilometers, said hillebrand. But that too is vague. "We need a comprehensive study on the effects of a speed limit. This was provided by a durable decision-making basis."

In a recent survey of the forsa institute on behalf of the association law of the german lawyer association, the majority for a speed limit. 56 percent of the 1000 surveyed fuhrershilderers see in a general speed limit for effective maaking for more traffic safety.

High-ply topic

The debate for a speed limit in germany had started again at the end of 2019. Federal minister of transport andreas scheuer (csu) had rejected: "we have far more outstanding tasks than to put this high-emotional topic again and again and again in the shop window, for that there is no majorities."The government spd had previously demanded a speed limit of 130 on highways on a party congress and greeted with traffic safety and climate protection.

The spd put after the scrub statements. Federal environment minister svenja schulze (spd) said a speed limit reduces the inflation with death and save an up to two million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The new spd boss saskia esken wrote on twitter, there are only a few countries without speedimit. North korea policy.

More serenity

Julia fohmann from the german road safety council (dvr) referred to other countries in europe. Who on highways in france, austria or belgium is traveling more serenity than in this country. It should be appreciated that the tempolimits there is to contribute. As soon as you come back to german highways, the difference is lackable, said soren heinze, speaker of the car club europa ace. On germany’s highways it go much more aggressive. "With a speed limit, the number of inflates, the injured and totene persons decreases," said heinze. "There are also a positive impact on the flow of traffic. And contributing to climate protection makes a speed limit for this."The ace annual general meeting has voted in a pace 130.