Opel boss: “four-day week can help secure jobs”

Opel boss:'vier-tage-woche kann dabei helfen, arbeitsplatze zu sichern''vier-tage-woche kann dabei helfen, arbeitsplatze zu sichern'

Opel boss michael lohscheller is open for the head of the union ig metall, with a four-day week of securing workplaces in the automotive industry. "In principle, we are open for all ideas. The four-day week can help secure jobs, "he said to the newspapers of the funk media group (expenditure of 31. August 2020). However, opel currently use the instrument of short-time work, he set up. Currently a comprehensive structural change in the industry is in progress. "First of all, you have to discuss in detail which instruments are most meaningful."

Opel has not only reduced the number of employees in the words of lohscheller since the time of the french psa group, but also significantly steered the leverage level. "The stairs are swept from above. We have taken out whole hierarchical levels, "said the opel boss. "Instead of 20 managers, only 9 report directly to me."In europe, all landchefs have been exchanged.

For the upcoming merger of the opel mother psa with fiat chrysler to the fourth-gray automaker in the world, which is supposed to live stellantis, lohscheller sees the manufacturer well rusted. "We are fine as a profitable business, not with 20 years of loss as under our old owner."