New honda civic for the usa

New honda civic for the usa

Torrance (usa), 28. April 2011 – honda leaves the civic for europe and the usa are visually different cars. From now on the americans can order the new model. It is offered in many variants as limousine and popular coupe version. Auber the normal versions there is an oko variant, a power version, a hybrid and a natural gas output.

More space than in the process

Inside, the inmates receive a cockpit curved around the driver’s seat. The speed indicator is placed far above. The room for passengers falls in the limousine compared to the process of gross. The shoulders of driver and front passenger find more freedom of movement, as well as the legs of the fellow travelers in the rear. 354 liters tests the trunk volume in the limousine, 331 liters fit into the coupe.

Four equipment lines

There are four equipment lines available: the base "dx", the upscale variant "lx", the full equipment "ex" as well as the luxury version "ex-l". A newly developed electronic power steering is standard mab. Among the equipment details, among other things, the new "intelligent" multi-information display i-mid. It includes a funf inch lcd monitor as well as a usb port and will be installed from the lx equipment. Except for the si, the power-civic, all variants offer the "eco assist"-system. It is an oko mode that gives, for example, the driver optical information for an economic driving style. From the lx, the passengers listen to the sounds from a 160-watt cd radio – 360 watts velvet subwoofer offer the ex and the ex-l. From the ex attisence series-mabig a bluetooth handsfree device for inventory, from this equipment line is also the installation of the optional navigation system with 16 gigabytes of coarse flash memory.