Lexus is 250c in the driving report

Lexus is 250c in the driving report

Nice (france), 30. June 2009 – since she is now, the convertible version of the lexus is indicated by the additional letter c. Or is that the is 250c but rather a coupe? Despite the difficulties that are for designers in the design of folding roof convertible, toyota is satisfied: "we wanted to set the bar in terms of style and elegance," says chief developer keichi yoneda. When looking at the vehicle you are uncertain whether you can agree with yoneda. Sure, hazy or unattractive is the 4.64 meter long is 250c, but he does not rub us from the chair either. But as always with a driving report pays above all as he ride.

Little equal parts

Only the bonnet, the headlights, the tower handles and the outdoor mirrors were taken from the sedan, as lexus emphasized. Everything else was changed and missed the 250c a light hump. The latter is necessary to fold the sheet metal hood underneath, but to gluck, lexus succeeds in avoiding the "quasimodo effect" of an unformible tail. Speaking unforms: under this term, the somewhat chunky outdoor mirrors and the hasing stump antenna fall on the passenger side. It is all the more surprising that the 250c slipped with a cw value of 0.29 by the wind closed with a cw value.

The lightning

The most important feature of the lexus is 250c is natural. The company has already collected in the field of steel cover with the larger sc 430 experiences. But in contrast to the two-piece hat of the sc, the lid of is consists of three parts. The advantages should be in the areas of comfort and safety, a three-part roof can be folded slightly. We look at the clock and numbers with: after only 20 seconds, the 15 engines have safely stowed away. Unusual: an infrared sensor that is available anyway is used to avoid collisions with the back man. Because during the attenuation or opening­operation protrudes the edge of the trunk lid 250 mm over the stobbar.