K8ssandra: datatax trims cassandra for cloud native k8s cluster

K8SSandra: DataTax trims Cassandra for Cloud Native K8S Cluster

As part of the kubecon + cloudnativitycon, datatax k8sandra has introduced a database based on apache cassandra, which should be specially adapted to cloud-native use in kubernetes clusters. K8sandra seamlessly puts on astra, the database as-a service that makes the nosql db available as a cloud service on kubernetes, and launched datastax in may this year. About a helmet chart, k8sandra is now installing with the same operation in its own kubernetes clusters.

Preconfigured open source distribution

During the cassandra community still on the completion of version 4.0 and the functions provided therein works, which promise more flexible use in kubernetes environments, datatax preaches with k8sandra. The new and now available open source distribution of cassandra should respond primarily to database administrators and site reliability engineers (sres), which want to scale data for kubernetes applications as flexibly as the applications.

For this purpose, k8sandra builds on the kubernetes operator cass operator, which acts as a translation level between the control planes of kubernetes and the database operations. Datatax had already made the operator freely freely in the spring of the year as an open source on github, so as to underline its own efforts, beyond the commercial datastax enterprise platform stronger in the cassandra community to engage and contribute to the nosql database to make standard for kubernetes.

Fable-adhered support by medusa and the reaper

In addition to the cass operator, k8ssandra still uses a number of additional open source tools and projects to ensure a largely automated operation of the database in the kubernetes cluster. During cassandra medusa, which in the course of the receptue of last pickle under the control of datastax provides functions for backup and restore of data, helps the cassandra reaper tool for important maintenance tasks such as the anti-entropy repair of a cassandra cluster.

In order for database administrators, sres as well as users to monitor their cassandra instances, k8ssandra also brings the observability tools prometheus and grafana including preconfigured metric settings and dashboards during installation.

Further information can be found in the official envision of k8sandra and on the homepage of the project.