Judgment burdened knollchen balance

Judgment burdened Knollchen balance

Among other things frankfurt, wiesbaden, darmstadt and offenbach stopped the parking space monitoring by private companies who have used temporary workers in traffic monitoring. Offenbach announced in mid-february 2020, around 20.To adjust 000 procedures, which is a loss of revenue of around 250.000 euros mean. In all these cases, temporary workers had ied the knollchen. Already completed methods are not rolled up, as it strikes. The resulting personal reconstruction by the no longer worked temporary workers wanted the city as soon as possible.

The knollchen decision of the olg also had an impact on wiesbaden. Overall, around 95 were last year.000 knollchen ied by temporary workers, as the state capital announced. In frankfurt, it was about 34.000 procedures with a total volume of around half a million euros. Because: was the ticket office ied by a temporary worker and the procedure was not yet completed, the false parker gluck had not numbers and did not have to pay. The use of private service providers also ended other municipalities such as darmstadt and fulda.