Ibm should take a central specialist service for the e-recipe

IBM should take a central specialist service for the e-recipe

Ibm should operate the specialist service, which stores the server-prescribed electronic recipes until the detection by a pharmacy closed by the doctor. From this specialist, the recipes can be downloaded in the recipe app of the insured and in the administrative systems of the pharmacies. The e-recipe is to be introduced nationwide in july 2021.

Ibm has received the surcharge of the project company gematik. The source code of the specialist service should be published before its commissioning, as well as the appropriate safety appraisal. The insured app for the e-recipe will be further developed according to the specifications of the patient data protection law (pdsg) directly in the gematik, when identitisprovider will indicate the federal prere in the game.

Ibm had applied for the lot 1, with which an operator of the specialist was wanted. In a second lot, the identity provider is still looking for the electronic recipes cast by the doctor and ames the authentication of the doctors as pharmacies. Presumably this will be the federal prere daughter d-trust.

500 million recipes

In germany, over 500 million recipes are ied and unwound, many of themselves follow-up, for which patients do not have to go to practice. Greater family practices ie between 400 and 600 recipes per day. These are to be ied as e-recipes from july 2021, with the compulsory edition of simple recipes for 2022. Father should also be sent in level 2 charging agent recipes and in level 3 intensive care regulations and the green recipe electronically to the specialist service.

The e-recipe is a qr code stored on recipe server transportation. From there, he is again picked up by the pharmacy, in which the insured could make the recipe immobilize. There is a smartphone app with a directory of all offline and online pharmacies.

In addition to the decision for a pharmacy, it should be possible to send the e-recipe to the app of another person if you can not leave the house for example during a quartaine. This shows the qr code in the pharmacy a scanner, which then queries the server and picks up the e-recipe.