Eu states: ‘jein’ to release patents for covid-19 vaccines

Eu countries: 'yes and no' covid-19 vaccines for release of patents for'jein' zur freigabe von patenten fur covid-19-impfstoffe

A rapid suspension of patent protection for covid-19 vaccines is not desirable, according to the eu member states. Close cooperation between all relevant public and private actors is crucial to increase the production capacity and global care with vaccines against the novel coronavirus, the eu council of ministers writes into intellectual rights in conclusions on european politics.

Action against rechtsverstobe and "piracy"

The eu countries see it with the paper decided on friday as a "promising way", "on voluntary solutions for sharing intellectual property, know-how and data to leave worldwide access to critical products for the diagnosis to ensure treatment and pravention of covid-19 ". Generally, "intellectual property" is very important for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as the economic recovery after the corona crisis. Against legal assistance in this area such as product folds and "piracy" must therefore be decided.

The council generally underlines the need for strongly global support, in particular through the covax initiative, to make a vacuum offering to many earthburgers. It is all about donations of industrialized countries. The body thus appeals to all vaccine-producing countries, "actively participate in global efforts to increase global care".

"Affordable and fair access to vaccines"

However, the ministers also remember that the eu is actively involved in the current dialogue under the world trade organization wto, "for effective and pragmatic approaches for a robust, fast and universal response to the pandemic and the best opportunities for supporting an affordable and fair access to explore in vaccines against covid-19 ". The council, above all, has options for patent pooling, ie the mutual licensing of patents over a consortium, as well as other licensing initiatives and platforms for the exchange of vaccines and know about it.

In the conclusions, the government officials also underline that the eu is ready to "also other instruments". For this purpose, the flexible possibilities were provided, which are provided in the "overcome of trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights" (trips). In principle, there is also an exception of patent protection with the so-called "waiver".

Concern, know-how could expand to china

Sudafrika and india in october filed the proposal in the wto in this sense to propose the patent law in the case of sars cov-2 vaccines. For example, manufacturers around the world were able to produce the vaccines without licensing. Dozens of lander supported this proposal. The eu, switzerland and other countries slowly refused him. According to them, the patents are not the obstacle, but production capacity, knowledge and raw material charges. They also flourished that know-how could expire about china about the novel mrna vaccines.

The united states stood in the dispute course but behind the demand of the poor states. Eu commission president ursula von der leyen (cdu), despite persistent skepticism, was prepared to talk about all effective maws for the occasion of the pandemic including a potential spatter expansion. Previously, the eu parliament had also pronounced. Thus, theoretically, the negotiations on a concrete regulating text on wto level.

Lauterbach: "tailored to what we need yourself"

The spd health expert karl lauderbach sees in the corona crisis according to agency reports a "historical failure" of the prosperous lander. "We’ve built up the vaccination capacity, which was exactly tailored to what we need myself," he said on saturday at an online conference of the protestant academy tutzing. "We have no additional vaccine production capacity for the poor lander."

As a result, the people in sudostasia, africa and latin america are largely unused to expand an ever-dangerous pandemic, the social democrat. Because the more people were vaccinated, the more aggressive muse becomes the virus to spread further. For germany, lauterbach expects a herd immunitat until mid-september. Then 80 percent of adults were allowed to have a double syringe.

On the last sunday, around 500 people under the motto "health for all – #dtdiepatentfrei" had demonstrated in berlin. They demanded that the patents on vaccines immediately suspend from the trips-waiver and to allow a compulsory transfer of health technologies in the global suden. The patent system on vital good to abolish completely, was another demand for health to be treated as a commodity, but as human rights. Attached to the rally, a civil society civil society of organizations from the health, human rights and globalization critical area such as attac, medico international or the forum internationalist for peace and social responsibility (fiff).