E10: what brings the new biosprit?

The one see biosprit as a guarantee for more climate protection in traffic. The others refer to a unfortunate competition between tank and plate – and fear of higher fuel prices. "The requirement of the biosprit has hunger crawls", says about the boss of the muncher ifo institute, the okonom hans-werner sense. So the tortilla crisis in 2007 was created by the high corn requirement in mexico. Biosprit is an expensive wrong, meaning sense.

Now 2011 comes a new biofuel to the german petrol stations, in the field of eggs e10. Instead of a former funf-percent admixture of ethanol to the fuel, superbenziene are added ten percent ethanol. However, the bioethanol mixture was able to be consuming in many places in the course of the first quarter on the petroleum, as the conversion for mineral groups and gas stations is expensive.

Federal government and bundesrat had frosted the way in autumn for the introduction of the new organic super-festival, with which an eu directive is implemented. 90 percent of the cars can be refueling e10 – usually all cars from year of construction 1990, with brands like audi, ford, opel, vw or bmw are almost all models e10-suitable. At mercedes almost all cars produced after 1985. But about 3.5 million cars do not tolerate the new fuel – in case of doubt one asks best at the manufacturer. "If you are not sure, you should continue to refuel the normal, with funf percent bioethanol petrol", say transport minister peter ramsauer (csu). By 2013, this common fuel continues to be relevant.

The biofuel industry emphasizes, ethanol is not much more expensive than normal gasoline. In addition, the mineral oil industry must have an interest in selling e10, because it is legally obliged to bring biosprit to the market. In the mineral engine you can see that differently. E10 will increase the gas because of the prescribed feed-in obligation, it is called unison. Ethanol is so far more expensive than frosted fuel only from oil. It is in this case a little as in the electric industry, where the square tanks make the oko energies responsible for price breaks – but often in their pricing are often intransparent.

E10 should also serve in addition to climate protection but also to reduce the dependence of ol. If this scarce and more expensive, biosprit was allowed to affect the long term highly pricing. Because of the lower energy content of ethanol, however, e10 will increase some fuel consumption in any case – what makes it more expensive for the motorist or so more expensive. Ultimately, consumers are decided on the gas station whether e10 is passing through.

Environmental protectioners from the nabu keep other instruments for better to protect the climate, as climate-making forest fluies were also cleared for biofuels and therefore the whole thing is a zero-sum game. More meaningful cars and new co2-free technologies are. "By 2020, ethanol and biodiesel cause considerable climate gas emissions", says nabu federal fuel fleet leif miller. In addition, for the achievement of eu biofuel objectives is an additional space requirement of up to 6.9 million hectares.

The prasident of the biocular association, claus sauter, said, on the other hand, after a calculation of the world bank, only 1.5 percent of farmers were used for biofuel production. And with a view of the tank / plate criticism of ifo chief sense says sauter, in europe only two percent of cereals for ethanol were used. Wide hours still sufficiently bracken and degraded flats are available to produce biofuel.

With the 2007 biofuel quota law, the admixture was anchored to fossil fuels in germany, until 2020, ten percent of energy consumption in traffic should be covered with oko energies. Association of sauter stop the introduction of e10 therefore not sufficient for. The government planes saw a virtually consistent proportion of biofuels for the coming years, "which had to be abruptly expanded from 2017 to achieve the ten percent target in 2020".