Ck63 s: carlsson makes the mercedes c 63 amg even stronger

Ck63 s: carlsson makes the mercedes c 63 amg even stronger

Merzig, 20. October 2008 – for a middle-class sedan, the mercedes c 63 amg is not silent: its 6.3-liter v8 delivers 457 hp and a torque of 600 newton meters. That’s enough for a sprint value of 4.5 seconds and a directed tip of 250 km / h. That does not satisfy you? Tuner carlsson from merzig weib council ..

3.8 seconds on tempo 100

After the cure in the saarland county town, the power-benz is called "ck63 s". Power kits in different stages continue to drive the engine power into the high: in the last expansion stage, up to 565 hp in the c-amg. Maximum torque growth on 685 newton meters. Therefore, therefore, the time for the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h: 3.8 seconds the carlsson needs to the magical brand. The tip is only trained at 300 km / h. To renew a sports air filter, a three-part motor cover made of carbon fiber and a carlsson lettering in chrome. A sports silencer should provide for tremendous sound.

Coiler and blocking differential

The carlsson rs coil driver is infinitely variable in the high adjustable. With the individually adjustable steam characteristic, the driver can also optimize the setup according to his taste. In order for the multi-performance on the asphalt not clears out in smoke, the installation of a torque-fuoll slat lock differential with variable blocking value is recommended. The value can be set individually before installation.

Powerful dynamic aerodynamics

The aerodynamics package consists of a front spoiler, the front spoiler lip rs, and a rear spoiler with carlsson logo entry. All attachments are made of pure or optionally in carbon fiber material. Extra-light 19-inch rims yield the tuning program. For the interior there are various sports steering scraper, leather outfits and multimedia systems.