Bnd: saudi arabia aufen policy “impulsive”

BND: Saudi Arabia Aufen Policy'impulsiv'

Us aufemister kerry in conversation with mohammed bin salman (may 2015). Image: us village ministry / common-free

Defense minister bin salman dangerous the stability in the arab world

That saudi arabia is not part of the solution, but part of the problem, is to be read in inconspicuous reports on the war showplaces in the middle east. Now also aubert the federal message service something in the direction. The bnd warning against a destabilizing role of saudi arabia in the arab world, is reported today:

The previous cautious diplomatic attitude of the ages of the konig family is replaced by an impulsive intervention policy.

It is highlighted in the analysis of the german foreign message service, as far as it is transferred from media, the minister of defense and son of konig, mohammed bin salman. The power concentration, which bin salman has achieved, mountains "deferred the danger that he delegates to the attempt to establish himself in the lifetime of his father in the throne sequence".

Mohammed is salman as defense minister the driving force for the saudi arab militar actions in yemen and he is the driving force behind a massive economic reform program. Never before in the history of the country, in a short time, it has been a such amount of clarified decrees, with the consequence of new items in the government, which goes out to a target: a rough power collection in one hand, states the financial times.

In the konigshaus it should be done. It stimulates resistance to the new, factual ruler, which is published in western media (cf. Saudi royal calls for regime change in riyadh).

Also possible, that restlessness in the population, especially in the middle class, wide power, fails the british financial newspaper. Prince salman has decided to short government spending by $ 80 billion to short. Because of the low olp prices, which make the dependence from oleexport clear, i’m salman a profound economic reform in progress that several years "oyster" mean cal.

Subsidies for energy-water and gasoline price index proclaimed

Especially the subsidies for energy-water and gasoline prices and other financial amenities, with which the house saudi has quietly reduced, are reduced or deleted. Whether the drastic cuts will compensate with a simultaneous increase in state support payments for the poorers, as far as the restlessness is concerned, will show.

According to ft, the savings mainly meet the middle class, which in recent years could rely on the fact that the house saud for jobs and low life costs. From savings spared prestige objects like construction of the 1.2 billion dollar expensive "highest turms in the world". As well as the military insert in yemen, see below.

In the alphaville blog of the ft was the other day, the fact that in saudi arabia, the fear of a decay inherently coincide from the soviet union, because salman is awarded to the savings in the state foothills of liberalization, the moderate start and with a breakup of the usual order end.

This is speculation, as well as the burial of the warning of the imf, wondi arabia in five years cash go out. Passing that if the price of olz is a pr value of under $ 50 per barrel.

The war in yemen

The warning of the bnd before one too "impulsive" saudi arabia is convenient, understated and cynically formulated in the light of the saudi air raids the yemenische capital sanaa has laid in rough parts in rubble and ashes.

According to un are about 5.400 civilians have come through air raids around life since saudi arabia is intervened in the war. The consolation is supported in the yemeni war, which is driven by the enmity to iran, from friendly gulf states.

Militarically, the saudi arabic military insert has been fixed for weeks – despite massive us support with weapons and ammunition (cf. Yemen is turning into saudi arabia’s vietnam), fuel, intelligence information and "targeting assistance".

Ther’s actualy a small number of us military personnel sitting in riyadh in a military capacity helping to coordinate airstrikes.

Sharif abdel kuddous

The international red cross reported in october from 1.5 million inland vacation. 82 percent of yemenites were needed humanitarian support, more than half of the population has no access to clean drinking water.

The yemen look after five months (saudi intervention) like syria after five years, the independent cites the boss of the icrc, peter maurer. That suggests the idea that it can also come to a coarse escape towards europe in yemen.

Whether the bnd is aimed with his warning on these consequences of a false policy against saudi arabia or to the german weapon business with the consumer, remains open.