Big sur: cleaved personality in the version number

Big Sur: cleaved personality in the version number

To the surprises on apple’s this year developer meeting world wide developer conference (wwdc) 2020 paid the fact that macos made a rough leap forwards to its version number. Big sur officially does not use how generally accepted, macos 10.16, but is officially designated by the manufacturer as macos 11. Reason for the comprehensive design cheers that apple has made, the group itself.

That was it with mac os x – actually

So that the mac-os x-ara, which started almost 20 years ago, is actually officially finished. However, if you look at a look at the beta of probably the new mac operating system appearing in october, will find that macos 11 has not arrived anywhere. In fact, big sur makes a kind of version number technical double life.

The new macos is simultaneously as macos 11 and macos 10.16, depending on which place you look at. As the developer howard oakley has found, it depends on what you query – and depending on big sur answers differently.

Small and rough

It depends on the context. Reason seems to be that apple does not want to risk incompatibility. Who build apps in the official development environment xcode, gets when using the sdk 10.15 for big-sur-apps consistent major version 10 and minor version 16 back. Well-known apps "see" big sur so not as a rough version jump but as a small, which most had expected.

Who uses xcode under big sur and uses the local macos-11-sdk, will experience macos as major version 11 and minor version 0. It does not matter if it is an arm mac or an intel machine, it’s all about the sdk. Who works with shell scripts, can set an environment variable to avoid problems. Stands "system_version_compat" on 1, supplies big sur "10.16" return. If the environment variable is not set or it is 0, it remains at "11.0". Developers should always concern these.

Macos 11

Big Sur: cleaved personality in the version number

aha, from macos 10.15 will be macos 11 – and is called big sur! This is a kustenstreifen in the us state of california.